About Us

About Us

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Abudul Hamza And Associates is a results driven law firm whose professionals are trained to ensure that clients’ needs are fully understood and met with solutions which are practical, effective and delivered with integrity, professionalism and highest degree of ethics. Our professionals are exceptionally skilled, experienced and competent and adopt a direct, intelligible and strategic approach on all our clients matters.

We believe that law firms can only distinguish themselves in three respects namely (1) intellectual ability and competence (2) client service and (3) pricing. Abudul Hamza And Associates is to meet, exceed and excel in all three of these principles.

We operate a highly efficient practice, providing one on one, intelligent, considered and strategic solutions. Abudul Hamza And Associates professional services are of the highest quality whilst ensuring costs which are competitive, realistic and meet client expectations.

We believe in fostering personal and long standing relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on our professionals being available, capable and personable.

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